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First time trying Microcurrent Facial and this is after only 3 treatments! Not only my skin looks tighter and brighter but I feel great in overall. The treatments made my face feeling very refreshed and rejuvenated. In addition, I had a back pain that wouldn’t go away completely for almost 3 months, even with chiro treatments, and after only one Microcurrent session on my back, the pain was gone…completely gone!
I also tried Meridian balancing and I have to say I’m amazed! My armpit skin problems are gone and I truly believe it is thanks to meridian balancing, which helps with lymphatic and energy flow of your body. I’ll just say I dealt with this issue on and off for the past 2 years and nothing could heal it permanently. Thank you! I’ll definitely be coming back for more treatments.

Before After
Before After
Marta K

J. H.

The most dramatic changes were around the eye area and the jaw line. The texture of the skin also became more refined, the pores less defined. The facial creams and the essential oils are wonderful and the TMJ massage is awesome. Rated experience 9/10 for satisfaction

J. M.

Less lines especially on forehead and beside mouth. Eyes better too. Sinuses better. Huge improvement in keloid scar, Rated experience 9/10 for satisfaction

N. H.

 Grooves in forehead gone, most improvement around eyes. Very relaxing experience with most positive outcomes, I plan to return for tune-ups! Rated experience 10/10 for satisfaction

L Bellamy

When I first started the treatment, I was skeptical on how much of a change I
would notice.  After about three or four sessions I really started to notice
subtle changes, my skin took on a more pinkish hue and a healthier look; the
pinched look of my upper lip had almost disappeared and the skin under my
eyes had started to tighten up.   By the time I got to the end of the 12
sessions I really noticed a difference around my eyes and upper lip; my face
does not have that sagging look – it has been drawn up.  As an added bonus
the rosacea around my nose and chin has pretty much been eliminated.  I have
been to one follow-up session and plan on continuing going back every 4 – 5
months.   I’m 60 years old and am told I look more like 45 – it feels great.
Rated 10/10 for satisfaction

A. Caldwell

I wasn’t sure what to expect other than I wanted to be OK without makeup on (if I get caught that way) and feel good!

My thin face plumped right up like a juicy apple, sun spots faded beyond belief and some follow up work has intensified this process. Skin texture and colour changed forever and taken on a more youthful appearance and gone is the sallow colour—replaced with a nice healthy pinkish complexion. My eyes have opened up back to days of being in my 30’s with dark circles disappearing. In general, my face looks more uplifted and fresh in appearance and it is a pleasure to look in the mirror.

Rated 9/10 for satisfaction.

Gaye S.

I am very pleased with the results of my face lift. It gives me spring in my step and makes me feel better about myself.

Rated experience 10/10 for satisfaction

Linda B

Texture of skin improved, pores became finer, skin tighter around jaw line, wrinkles disappeared on upper lip, eyes look wider open because of less hooding, eyebrows are not drooping, puffiness under eyes gone, scar on neck became thinner, look less tired, color of skin healthier.

Rated experience 9/10 for satisfaction

W. M.

Terrific treatment, highly recommended. One has to have realistic expectations regarding outcome. I found vast improvement in skin texture and tone, decrease in noticeable wrinkles, overall excellent result. Rated experience 9/10 for satisfaction